How to recover Yahoo password without phone number

If you have a query how to recover Yahoo password without phone number, you can use your alternate email address or sign in email address or Security Questions and Answers.
If you have not linked your mobile number with your Yahoo email account, follow the steps given below to recover Yahoo password without phone number.

  • Go to the
  • Select your Yahoo mail account
  • Click the ‘Difficulty in Signing in’
  • You will be provided three options to recover Yahoo password
  • Sign-in Email Address or mobile number
  • Recovery Phone Number
  • Recovery Email Address
  • Enter either your Yahoo Sign-In Address or your Recovery Email Address.
  • Click continue
  • Two options will be displayed
  • Yes, email me
  • No, I don’t have access to this email address
  • IF you click on the option ‘Yes, Email ME’ and Click continue.
  • You will receive an email to your recovery email address with the recovery code.
  • On entering the recovery code, click submit
  • You can either to continue to your Yahoo account or choose to create a new Yahoo password.
  • IF you don’t have access to the recovery email address, then you have to start over the recovery process again.

You have entered your phone number with your Yahoo email address. After entering your Yahoo sign-in email address or alternate email address, you will be prompted to send the recovery to your mobile number and then to your alternate email address. Choose the option ‘I don’t have access to this number’ and then your will displayed with the alternative email address and continue with the on-screen instructions.
If you don’t have both, you can choose to recover the email account thru security questions which you have entered at the time of the creation of the Yahoo email account and you need to provide the correct answers to recover Yahoo password without phone number.

How to recover Yahoo password without alternate email

You can recover Yahoo password without alternate either using your mobile phone or security questions. If you have trouble signing in, the follow the following steps to recover Yahoo password without alternate email:

  • go to
  • select your email account and click next
  • You will be asked either an alternate email ID, Yahoo sign in address or mobile number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • You will get a sms with the recovery code to your mobile number
  • Enter the recovery code and follow the instructions to recover your Yahoo password without alternate email.

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  1. I am so glad to reach you guys and thanks to your technician who take care of my yahoo password issue because some time its very hard to fix problem by your own so i just call these people and let them know my problem i don’t have my alternate number quickly they understand my concern and help me.
    Again Thank you Guys

  2. One day ago my brother was in panic his yahoo mail was hacked don’t know why man i was also in panic so after some time i search on google solution of my brother account his phone also was lost now i type “recover yahoo password without phone number on ” i got this website and found solution of my brother yahoo account now has been recover thanks to ITbalm.

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