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Windows XP is installed on more than a quarter of the PC of the world, which makes it the second most popular operating system (Windows 7 takes top slots). Despite this, there are still some errors in it that are not fully settled. Windows XP Customer Service to make matters worse, Microsoft is planning to discontinue support for XP which means that the company will stop issuing updates to the twelve-year OS. Although the good news is that users have a lot of time to find work on issues.

It is a tragic fact of life that no Windows PC does not perform innocent with time. Many of these problems are beyond your control, but other users may be offered through error. It does not matter how easy Microsoft makes Windows with each continuous release: Problems, glitch, and bugs will always be a part of it.

Windows XP Technical Support

Error messages coming during boot before Windows loads for Windows XP Technical Support Before following the steps given below, if you are getting an error, make sure that our site first has to search for error message and see our Windows XP Q & A.

Make sure your computer settings are configured correctly for the hardware installed on your computer. Incorrect settings of windows Xp can cause various errors while compatible computers. These errors are often because the computer is booting first and can stop the computer’s loading process.

Error message when Windows loads that occur during Windows XP while being loaded at that time you can contact Windows XP Customer Service. Loading are likely to be due to a configuration error in the registry. If you’ve recently changed or installed something that can stop loading the normal windows, then try to load the last known good configuration.

If you are unable to start normal windows, try to boot the computer in Windows XP Safe Mode.If your computer has worked well in the past but recently experiencing the problem you are facing, run the system restore option to restore the computer to the earlier date.

Other error messages that occur after Windows loads or after Windows loads: 

If there are errors, but Microsoft Windows still loads, there is no problem or conflict in Device Manager. If errors are found, read through our Device Manager page for steps to solve problems.

Make sure that if programs are loading automatically, the errors are not associated with these programs. The utility loads of viruses, such as virus programs, may be loaded for the first time when windows start and cause the errors. If you feel that your startup errors are related to any other program, refer to our original software troubleshooting.

Windows XP Customer Support Number

If your computer has a virus protection program installed, make sure it is up to date and no virus is detected. If your computer does not have a virus protection program, then you might want to consider installing an antivirus program to ensure that no virus is causing your problems. Windows XP Customer Support Number helps Your computer has worked fine.

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