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There are many web browsers that are used by the users to perfectly hunt the internet. Some of the notable browsers are Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, and Netscape navigator etc. Among all these browsers 90% of the people use internet explorer as their default web browser to carry out their internet search operations successfully. In spite, of such love shown by people for their favorite web browser that is internet explorer. Some hassles have been thrown in the path of this most famous internet explorer. It is seen that sometimes internet explorer not working issues are faced by the users from time to time. What steps should be taken to resolve the issues of internet explorer not working in Windows 10? Want to explore these steps, and then have a glance below:

Steps to resolve the issues of Internet explorer not working in Windows 10:

Let us see how we can do some quick fixes to resolve the issue of internet explorer not working

  • You Can update you internet explorer to the latest version available in market. There may be an issue with you current version of Internet explorer. So, Let’s try upgrading your browser version to the latest one.
  • We can also clean the temporary files which are used by browser, there can be one of the files which got corrupted and are interrupting browser to stop working. Temporary files can be found at Internet Options -> General Tab -> Browsing History-> Delete-> uncheck “Preserve Favourites temporary data” and then delete the temporary files.
  • One of the quick solutions can be resetting the Internet explorer from control panel. Browse to control panel and retry the explorer.
  • Another quick solution can be killing the internet explorer process from task manager and then starting the internet explorer again.

Internet Explorer not working in laptop

So, these are some of the steps that can effectively tackle the situation of internet explorer not working in laptop or internet explorer not working in Windows 10

In case of any issues in the above-mentioned steps you can take the support of third-party service provider. So that any hurdles in regard of internet explorer not working in laptop or Windows 10 can be sorted out, some effective solutions can be gained in this regard by contacting the intelligent techies.

Steps to sort out the issues related to Internet explorer not working in Windows 7:

  • The first step you can take in this regard is to check your internet connection.
  • If internet is working well, after that you can clear cookies and caches to make internet explorer work well.
  • In the next step, if still the problem persists, you can try to disable unnecessary add on extensions so that you can take a reliable move in this regard.
  • If still the issue persists, you can also take a step to uninstall and after that reinstall internet explorer.

If still the problem occurs then make sure to take third-party assistance to make sure Internet Explorer not working in Windows 7.

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