How to recover hacked Gmail Account?

As we know, Gmail is biggest email providing company in globe, but in some cases if your Gmail account is hacked and you have a query how to recover Hacked Gmail Account then you should follow our given steps.
How to know your Gmail is hacked? Know Gmail Account is

  • You will surely get a notification that there is an unusual activity in your Gmail account.
  • You will get a notification that someone tried to login to your account or attempt to change your username or password.
  • Your account reflects that “We have detected suspicious activity on your account.”
    Things u need!
  • The last password which you used/ reset.
  • Your recovery email address.
  • Your recovery phone number which is associated with email.
  • The answer to your security questions.
  • Last you had accessed your account.

Recover your account If you can sign in.

Count yourself lucky if you can still sign-in though it’s going to be a risky situation for you. Some of the hackers remain undetected while taking care of your account. They can easily have an access of your account and there could be anything suspicious. Moreover, sensitive information is almost available to them. Immediately change your password without taking second thought.

Log in to your Gmail Account.

Click on Password Under Password & sign-in method and Confirm your password.
Then, change your password. Make sure that your password is enough strong and private for security reasons.
Go back to Sign-in & security page. Click on and check if your Recovery email, Recovery phone, and Security question are still the same, if yes, then change and update immediately.
After resetting/changing your password, follow the steps below for more security of your Gmail account. It is necessary to ensure that your email is completely secured and protected.

If you cannot sign in
The bad thing that can happen is for the hacker to have an access of your account. If you notice it once that there is something suspicious going on with your account immediately call Gmail support without thinking much as we care about your privacy and security. Hackers will only take couple of minute to scan your personal or say sensitive information. Give a few more moments to your other accounts as well which you access online as they can take over your other online accounts as well. Confidential emails such as shopping receipts, Emails from banks, online shops can also compromise your information and will put you at risk if not deleted immediately.

Follow the steps below if you cannot access your account:

    • Go to Google Account Recovery page.
    • If you can’t remember your password, click Try with the different questions.
    • You can also use your recovery email or phone number which is associated with your current email.
    • You may receive an OTP code in your phone to prove your account ownership.
    • Also, you can answer your security questions.
    • You can also send a verification code to your recovery email which is linked with your account.
    • Last option is to enter any email of which you have an access.
    • Change your password

We use the recovery phone to send a verification code, code is been sent to get an idea of ownership of your account, after that Google will ask you to change your password.
Step 3: Security Check
Security check!
You will have to go through the Security Check/ security questions once you are signed in to your Google account. Make sure that you check and change your security information.
After recovery
It is important to set proper security ways once you have done with recovering your account. One of the most effective is to enable authentication as two ways of getting an access back once hacked.
Two ways of authentication process will require is:
Your recovery phone number and an email address which is associated or linked with your account which is been hacked.
Additionally, Google has set-up various alternatives/ options like two step verification. Instead of an SMS, you can set-up your Google account in your phone. There is an authentication app available as well and also for a stronger security measure, a Security Key can be set-up in your phone and system too. You can use a USB device to save the Security Key to secure it in other way not to lose your privacy. The USB device can be plugged-in any computer to authenticate your account and get an access.
In the end, you can identify computers that your Gmail account automatically trusts in case you use other computer system may be in your office or home of course with the different IP address these 2 step verification needs to be followed as it is mandatory.

How to recover Hacked Google Account?

If Google account is hacked it can lead to several issues. Don’t worry by following some easy steps you can find out how to recover hacked Google account.

Steps to recover hacked Google account:-

  • Browse to login page of Google, there you will see an option of ‘Need Help?’
  • Click on Need Help option and it will redirect you to enter your username which has been hacked.
  • Click on Next Button and you may be asked to fill the Captcha, enter the Captcha to proceed further.
  • Now you will be asked to input your any last password of your Gmail account.
  • To confirm your identity, you will be asked to choose a verification method by SMS or a phone call.
  • If phone or SMS are inaccessible, you can answer security questions as well.
  • You can verify using code sent on your mobile and your email account is recovered.

In case, you confront any issues, you can take assistance from any reliable third party service provider for knowing how to recover hacked Google account.

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  1. Hello, my Gmail account was hacked last week and I was very upset for my account. But by the help of your given solution I have recovered my Gmail account. You are fantastic, thank you……

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