How to recover Gmail password without security question

Gmail is the most awesome email service provided by Google. Its services are quite awesome and its email receiving and sending services are very fast. This is the reason why people love to use Gmail. In fact, across the world there are so many users of Gmail that love this service of Google. Whether you require sending a personal or professional email Gmail is adroit in accomplishing both the tasks. But as technical advancement also has its certain level of exceptions, therefore, Gmail is not an exception to this. One of the most common nuisances associated with this awesome service is that people tend to forget complicated password associated with their Gmail account. Moreover in case the users want to recover Gmail password without security questions, they are not aware of the process. So, let’s see first how to recover Gmail password without security question.

Steps to recover Gmail password without security questions:

  • First of all Go to official page of Gmail and login your account. For getting it login, enter your email Id and click next.
  • Now, it will prompt you to enter password. Simply click on forget password if you do not remember it.
  • Proceeding further, it will ask you to enter the last password you remember. If you remember the last password then fill it. If you don’t remember then click on the tab next.
  • Now, your Gmail account will tell you to enter the alternate email Id submitted at the time of account creation.
  • After submitting your email Id, you will receive a link on your email Id.
  • Now verify that link and you are free to set a new password.
  • Now enter a new password and confirm it. Congratulations, you are successful in resetting your Gmail account password without security questions.

In case of any issue, you can contact a reliable third party customer support and can learn the process of how to recover Gmail password without security questions.

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