How to delete Facebook account?

How many of you are here to delete your Facebook account as you had a breakup or you feel you have to get out of the addiction. Or there would be few who will be like , Gosh my mom knew that I m using Facebook got to delete it before she shows it to dad. So whatever thing it may be but you need to know how to delete Facebook account to get rid of your problem.

How to delete Facebook account from app

Actually this is the best remedy to get away from people you don’t like so many it be how to delete Facebook account from app or may it be how to delete Facebook account from ios app, they are all dealt with a single way of deleting the account and that is through using any browser by logging into your account or using the Facebook app.

  • First of all, you will have to open your Facebook account by entering your email/phone number along with the password.
  • After that, once it gets opened you will have to go to the settings option of your account, which is present in the drop down of the downward arrow mark which is present in the top right corner
  • You will settings as the second last one in the list, click over it.
  • Select general option in the settings and on the right side you will find a list with name , user name and so on. There go to the edit button ( in the form of the pen) which is straight to manage the account.
  • In case if you are going to die that is if you are a cancer patient and wants to delete it then go with the option of request account deletion.
  • Else if you want to deactivate that is you may even come back a day when you choose the option of deactivating your account.
  • This page will ask you to enter your password and then give continue.
  • A list of reason will be present for you to choose as you are leaving Fb.
    If the reason is not given then you can explain it in the box below and then you can also disable the notifications that you receive from Facebook by clicking on the email opt-out checkbox.
  • Then you can finally click on the deactivate button which will now deactivate the account and bring you out of Facebook .

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